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A Little Bit About Me

“Dedicated Effort Mentally Fit”

I am Natasha St. Fort owner of Spunky Vigorlectics LLC. I am a part time mental health therapist and ISSA  Certified Personal Trainer and truly invested into the importance of mental health and its connection to physical fitness. I have always been an active person, however after college, I was not consistent and definitely saw my body changing. My best friend encouraged me through her weight loss journey to be consistent. I started to explore fitness in different aspects that led me to joining a functional fitness gym that assisted me in obtaining noticeable results along with clean eating. My love for fitness and the ways in which our body can transform grew into more than just a hobby, it became a lifestyle. I strive to encourage, uplift and motivate others in becoming physically and mentally fit.


Exercise is my therapy .. let it be yours 

Spunky Vigorletics “Dedicated Effort Mentally Fit”

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