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Vigor Fit 2.0 (Online Group Training)

This is the infamous Vigor Fit plan that is now revamped with more convenience, quality, reliability, efficiency, knowledge, attainability, consistency, and overall greater access to a tangible and effective workout plan with your coach right at your fingertips. This is Vigor Fit 2.0.

Whats included?

  • Ongoing structured workout programs for you in our app 

  • Exclusive seats for group only

  • Free access to workout challenges 

  • Weekly group leadership board challenges (win prizes

  • Membership gift for signing up 

  • Progress record keeping in app (track your personal best and body composition)

  • Demo Videos with step by step instructions

  • Workout program created by Coach Tasha ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Ability to complete workout at your own convenience  

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Private group within the app for team effort and motivation

  • Access to a reliable and encouraging coach

  • Group mindset coaching from a licensed therapist 

  • Check ins

  • Cancel at anytime at your own discretion.. this is an ongoing subscription


1:1 Online Coaching

Online personal training/coaching is for the ideal client that has strength training/weight lifting experience and needs a customized workout plan strictly geared towards goals and progressions. (Training inquiry should be completed first see link below)

What's included?

  •  Customized workout plan geared towards your personal goals

  • Demo videos and instructions for workouts 

  • 1:1 access to ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Coach Tasha 

  • Habit coaching

  • Nutrition coaching with in-app tracking

  • Progress record keeping in app (track your personal best and body composition)

  • Custom meal plan ideas included

  • Accountability group

  • Ability to connect apple watch or fitbit for tracking through app

  • Ability to train anywhere 

  • Ongoing encouragement and motivation from your coach

What Our Clients Say


Dominique Johnson, 1:1 Training/Vigor Fit client

"YA’LL!! When I say I feel like God sent Tasha to me at the very moment I needed her!! After a 30 minute zoom workout all I could think of was ways to get my sis to be my personal trainer virtually!  I never felt so comfortable working out with anyone, Tasha made the workout fun (because ya’ll know she’s silly and energetic) but she also challenged me.  I contacted Tasha that night and asked her to train me and I that would pay her for her services (we need to support our friends!)  I had no idea she had started her virtual workout classes so when she sent me her info I did not hesitate to join.  That was back in April 2019.  Since then I have become a avid supporter of Spunky Vigorletics!!  I lost 40 lbs my first go round!! I gained muscle, strength and agility.  Not to mention my confidence has come back!!

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